Inovação e Futuro

O desafio de mudar o mindset

Nas Conferências Inovação e Futuro analisaremos os temas em expansão mundial relacionados com a evolução da tecnologia em qualquer área, envolvendo toda a comunidade, especialmente das áreas Empresariais e Académicas.

  • Errol Koolmeister

    Errol Koolmeister

    Founder of the AI Framework

    Errol Koolmeister is the award-winning AI and technology expert who has successfully built several large companies’ ability to deliver value with AI. Most recently, he comes from the H&M group, where he, as responsible for AI, has been involved in recruiting over 150 people, integrating AI into the core business, and driving the technical transformation in the company.

    Before H&M, he worked as an advisor to several start-ups and large companies in Europe & Russia. In addition, he advised on how to best use and scale AI in organizations. Before working as an advisor, Errol worked as a lead data scientist for the Vodafone group. He was part of building up the international AI team, which today consists of over 500 people.

    He began his career at Nordea bank, the largest financial institution in the Nordics, where he helped build the fraud and anti-money laundering department. So with his background in risk and security, he has deep knowledge of using and extracting value from data both ethically and responsibly.

  • David Montz

    David Montz

    CTO Appdetex

    David Montz is a software, internet and cloud engineering veteran with more than 25 years of experience leading software development teams to create market-leading technology platforms. With a background that spans categories as diverse as enterprise saas to large-scale consumer-facing social networks, David is an expert at bringing high-calibre products to market. He thrives on building software that makes a difference in the world. He is a patent holding technologist that has had the pleasure of building and collaborating with many high performing teams to produce remarkable results.

  • Eliano Marques

    Eliano Marques

    Chief Data & AI Officer at Protegrity

    Eliano is an AI executive with worldwide experience in establishing Data & AI capabilities across Enterprises in many industries and geographies across the globe. Eliano currently is the Chief Data & AI Officer at Protegrity, a global leader in Data Privacy and Security. Eliano built an internal capability for Data & AI and expanded the use of AI into Protegritys’ products in less than 2 years. Eliano joined Protegrity from The Emirates Group, where he built and led their AI group and transformed it into a world class game changing capability in a short-period of time. In addition to his professional career, in 2022 Eliano launched and led a new Pos-Degree in AI at ISEG, a partnership with Amazon, where he teaches many subjects of the course.

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10 maio 2022

Savoy Palace Ballroom

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Eliano Marques

A transformed world where Privacy handshakes AI

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Errol Koolmeister

AI-Driven Transformation


David Montz

Protecting global brands and consumers in the modern digital universe

Debate livre de opiniões
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